Welcome to Guilin private tours team

    Guilin can be regarded as 'Paradise on Earth' in view of its fascinating natural beauty. It is famous for its picturesque Karst landscape, which the Li River cruise highlights. A leisurely trip through the countryside of Yangshuo adds a different flavor. From cruising to hiking, our private tours offer clients the possibility to travel in a variety of ways.


Yangshuo private tours team is run by Guifa and his brother who are Yangshuo locals.we are tour operaters, guides and drivers ,but we are not a travel angency. Guifa has driven for 15 years in Guilin ,Yangshuo and Longji area.      Guifa's older brother - Yi wan has more than 10 years driven and guided experience,both of us can speak English.many hotels and local businesses use Yangshuo private car / van service transfers as we are extremely reliable and very careful drives. we are friendly and polite , the car and van are always clean.       We are locals living in Yangshuo and know this city and its nearby areas like Guilin,Longsheng,Sanjiang and Huangyao ancient town very well. We work for our tours more than 200 days in a year .and we only recommend routes that our people have personally visited and have a deep understanding of the attractions and activities there. Our private tours cover classic routes including  city highlights, Li River Cruise and Longji terraces. Our tours offer various themes like hiking, photography, cycling for family groups or other professional groups. Guilin private tours destinations are not only in Yangshuo proper, but also extend to Guilin, Li River, Longsheng,Sanjiang and Huangyao. Our extended travel service also extends to Southeast and Southwest in Guizhou Province,Fenghuang and Zhangjiajie in Hunan province. Most tours are private tours with an English-speaking local guide, a private car and an experienced local driver. Usually the tour service starts from the moment you land in Guilin airport/train station/bus station and finishes at the moment you say goodbye to your guide at the airport/train station. All trips can be tailor-made to meet your requirements.We provide our quality service with a reasonable quotation.    

     we are looking forward to joining your journey soon. our have 5 seats car, 9 seats business van,18 seats van with :

a.Clean and air-conditioning



d.Tour information

e. Free bottle of pure water


1.Guilin airport & train station pick up /drop off ;

2.Guilin and Yangshuo hotel /sightseeing sites transfer;

3.private transfer according your requests.


a.countryside tour

b.caves tour

c.Guangxi ,Guizhou southeast , Guizhou southwest minority tours

d.leisure tour

e.Tailored trips Basically

if you know certain places you wish to visit and you have a special schedule or a special theme for your trip, choose the dates, the length, eventually the places you wish to see and we will be there to do the rest.

We promised: 

A.100% Pure tour;

B.100% NO shopping ;

C.100% NO hidding cost.

warm advise :

1. pick you up and drop you off at Airport / train station  before 6 AM and after 11PM , we will Charge 5 USD extra.

2.if  you would like to hire our private transportation , our driver works 8 hours. when you take our private transportation more than 8 hours, we will Charge 5 USD/ hour.

our charge details as following:

1.pick up and drop off  between yangshuo downtown and guilin airport .when you stay outside of yangshuo , please ask us for details price .

5 seats car 40 USD/way ,inlcuded toll gate fee via highway.

9 seats business van 55 USD/way, included toll gate fee via highway.

18 seats bus 70 USD/way.included toll gate fee via highway.

2.pick up between guilin South /North /West train station or guilin downtown to Yangshuo downtown : when you stay outside of yangshuo ,please ask us for details price.our price included toll gate fee.

5 seats car 30 USD --- 40 USD /way

9 seats van 45 USD--- 55 USD /way

18 seats tour bus 60 USD ---70 USD/way

3.when you are staying Guilin , to visit sightseeing in Guilin city area:                      

car / van : 70 USD --- 85 USD/day  ;  

tour bus : 85 USD --- 105 USD/day  

an English speaking guide servcice : 45 USD/day

4.Yangshuo area :

car / van     50 USD --- 80 USD/day  

tour bus     80 USD --- 145 USD /day    

pick up at Yangshuo train station to Yangshuo downtown

15 USD/car 

30 USD/van

40 USD/ tour bus.

when you stay outside of Yangshuo , please ask us for details price.     

An English speaking guide service  30 USD/day

5.Yangshuo from / to Longji rice terrace area

our car : 110 USD /day. highway toll gate fee included

our van: 140 USD/day.  highway toll gate fee included


1.Tickets list :

A.longji terrace entrance : RMB80 p.p  ;

B.Yao ladies long hair show approx 40 minutes , RMB80 p.p;

C.Jinkeng cable car : RMB100 p.p 

2.when you stay there overnight , you need pay 40 USD extra .

3.15 --18 seats tour bus  150 USD - 200/day. when you stay there overnight, you need pay 40 USD extra. warm advise:  our tour bus will stop at entrance of Longji terrace tickets office, then you will catch longji terrace tour bus go ahead to rice terrace . you have to pay extra tickets for Longji terrace tour bus. 

Our contact :

1.E--mail  :   tochinayangshuo@126.com  

2.Phone:             0086 15977361716

3.wechat ID:       0086 15977361716

Who booked our private car /van tour service : ( our website builded in April 2015)

1.Manisha Patel's  group (10 people) on 28th to 30th March 2015.

2.Sameen Nayyer 's family on 20th April 2015.

3.Azlinda's family on 2nd May 2015.

4.Roberto De Santis on 4th to 6th July 2015

5.Christina Horeczko 7th , 9th , 12th Jun 2015

6.Alain & sonia 13th, 14th, 16th July 2015

7.Vicent Wang’s group (11persons) 7th, 9th Sep 2015.

8. Shlomo's family 15th,16th,17th,18th, 19th sep 2015 9. Ofir's  family 21st, 22nd ,23rd and 24th sep 2015

10. Dorith Bigon 30th , 31th  October , 1st November 2015.

11. Lynn's family 27th , 28th ,28th ,29th  and 30th  October 2015

12.wee jie soo's family  20th ,21st ,22nd ,23rd and 24th October 2015

13.Pang jia hui's family  12th ,13th ,14th ,15th ,16th ,17th ,18th ,19th Sep 2015.

14.Maria 's family 29th Sep , 1st ,2nd October 2015.

15.Frank (photography  tour )27th ,28th ,29th Sep 2015

16. Kasia's small group 24th , 25th ,26th ,27th ,28th  October 2105.

17.chumun yi 's family 29th , 30th ,31th, October ,1st  and 2nd  November 2105 .

18.Lili's group(9 persons) 19th ,20th ,21th ,22th ,23th , 24th October 2015.

19.cesar's family 7th ,8th ,9th 10th and 11th Jan 2016

20.Rina's family 24th ,25th 26th 27th and 28th April 2016.

21. Jacqueline Costa's family 1st ,2nd ,3rd April 2016.

22. Maria and her good friend (the second time ) on 6th ,8th 9th April 2016

23.Cindy NG's family on 14th ,15th ,16th ,17th ,18th ,19th and 20th May 2016

24. Einat Lev's family on 21th ,22th ,23th  and 24th April 2016

25.Kelley's family 4th ,5th April 2016

26. Matthew  26th ,27th  and 29th May 2016

27. kianwui NG 9th ,10th ,11th April 2016.

28. Alex Gourley and friend on 31th March 2016.

29.Dana Nir 17th and18th May 2016.

30. Filip's family on 14th July 2016

31.Kasia 's gruop on 17th ,18th Aug 2016.

31.Shosh & Josef on 10th to 14th April2017.

32.Seng Keat Tan 's family 6th to 11th April 2017.

33.Ilan & Ronit on 22nd to 25th Aug 2017.

34.Garnier 's family on 26th to 27th Aug  2017.

35.Chew nane ming and his family on 25th to 30th Aug 2017.

36.Aziz 's family on 30th and 31th Jan 2018

37. Nicholle's family on 31th Mar and 1st April 2018.

37.Jim and his family on 13th to 15th March 2018.

38.Susan 's family on 13th March 2018.

39.Shoba's family on 4th  to 7th April 2018.

40.Aloke 's family on 8th to 9th April 2018.

41.Tsofi 's family on 11th to 14th April 2018.

42.Yim Choo Yun 's family (11persons) on 29th May  to 4th June 2018.

43. Greg 's group (12persons) on 1st to 5th June.

44.Peter on 4th June 2018.

45.Andrew 's family on 10th to 13th June.

46. Nabil's family  3th to 8th July

47.Alberto 's family  5th July

48.El Pepuso 's group on 19th August.

49.Avi's family on 16th to 19th September.

50.Natalie's family on 11th August.

51.Maoz's family on 9th  September.

52.liliana 's group on 6th October.

53.val webber's group on 22nd October.

54.Bao Dang and his girlfriend on 19th , 20th 21st of October.

55.Chole ooi 's family on 29/11 to 30/11.

56.Reed and his wife on 18/11 tO 24/11.

57.Olivia Ting and her family on 7/12 to 10/12.

58.Chen seong Tat's family 21/12 to 24/12.

59.Thim Choy Wong's family on 22/12 to 28/28.

60.Fred dutheil and his girlfriend on 30/12 2018.

61.Lea's family on 1/1 to 3/1 2019.

62. 2019.02.20--28      Eng Beng 10 people

63.2019.2.28---03.03    Dalit and her daughter

64.2019 .04.03---04.05   Saiyidatina Balkhis

65.2019.04. 17---20      Ofar’s famliy 4 people

66.2019.04.20           Christopher

67.2019.05.20---05.24   Leon and his friends 4 people

68.2019.04.21 ---26    Wei Peng’s family 5 people

69.2019.06.29---2019.07 .04 Jim’s family 3 people

70.2019.08.14--08.19   Tal amit ‘s family

71.27---08.31  Seong Voon Lamand her family 8 people

72.2019.09.04          Simone Maria and her boyfriend

73.2019.09.11 ---09.13   Bhavani Ramasamyand her 3 friends  

74.2019.09 16 ---09 .18  Avi Slonim and his famliy

75.2019.09.22 --.09.27  Hui Li Lim and her parents

76.2019.10.16----10.22   Oren’s family 5 people  

77.2019.10---19--10.20  Netherland, Dennis  2 people  

78.2019.09.11 ---09.13   Bhavani Ramasamyand her 3 friends  

79.2019.11.28--12.02   Vijay Reddy and his friends 4 people  

80.2019.12.19 --- 12.23  Michelle and his family

Due covid-19 , we could travelling with our clients who work in China in 2020 , 2021 and 2022.